MapFan AR Global External linkage specification

Description of external linkage specification for Map Display and Route Search of iOS application "MapFan AR Global" is below.

This external linkage specification is to display its map and its route booting the application "MapFan AR Global" externally.

Using this external linkage specification makes it display the map at a designated location and search the route to the designated place from external iOS application and website on iPhone.

To interoperate this system, the mechanism “URL scheme” is used. Detailed specification is as follows.


<About the Terms of Use>
Please read Terms of Use below before using this external linkage specification.
Using this external linkage specification, you agreed to be bound by these terms of use.

This specification may be changed without notice.
And this external linkage specification may be discontinued without notice.

<About the Operation Guarantee>
When "MapFan AR Global" is booting by external linkage specification, which "MapFan AR Global" is running (including in the background), it is not always operated as designated by the status of application display.

As a process in the case when "MapFan AR Global" application does not exist in cooperating from the application, please display the following URL.

*It is the web page of "MapFan AR Global" of AppStore.

Functional Specification

◆URL Scheme
[URL Scheme] mapfanarg:

Character encoding: UTF-8
Method of designation of Parameter: Designate the value of parameter URL encode.

◆Parameter list

Parameter Parameter Name Input Condition Description
TYPE Booting Type RS/MV Designated to boot "MapFan AR Global" from the following mode.

RS:Route Search
  Parameter=BG, ED(Required)
MV:Map Display
  Parameter=MP(Required), PP, PN

*Designated pin and route will be deleted before booting.
BG Departure Number of 1 byte character,
Designated to the "Coordinate" of "Departure" using for the "Route search".

*In case "Departure" is undesignated, the latest "Current Location" which "MapFan AR Global" have had is set as "Departure".

i.e. BG=35.682085,139.766221
ED Destination Number of 1 byte character,
Designated to the "Coordinate" of "Destination" using for the "Route search".

MP Central coordinate of the map Number of 1 byte character,
Designated to the "Coordinate" of "Central coordinate of the map" using for the "Map Display".

PP Pinned coordinate Number of 1 byte character,
Designated to the "Coordinate" of "Pinned coordinate" using for the "Map Display".

PN Pinned Name Less than 256 characters Designated to the "Pinned Name" using for the "Map Display".

◆LatLong format
LatLong format is defined as below.
-Parameter form: [Latitude],[Longitude]
-Datum: WGS84
-LatLong format: Degree

URL Scheme Boot Sample

◆General Boot


◆Route Search (Set only destination)


◆Route Search (Set both departure and destination)


◆Map Display (Without Pin)


◆Map Display (Pinned)


Change History

[Feb. 26, 2014] New release