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The Japanese map database is perfect for all types of GIS solutions


Address (block, street and unit number)

We offer up-to-date addresses throughout Japan. Each address is separated into five layers and is given coordinates.

  • Address points are quickly updated as municipal mergers occur or administrative boundaries are changed
  • We also offer address data with character symbols (e.g. A, B, C, 甲, 乙 and 丙)
  • Each block is linked to a postal code
  • Data is also available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean

Postal code

We have linked postal codes with latitude and longitude (including post-office boxes and major clients of Japan Post)

  • Latitude and longitude are attached to every postal code in Japan (both 7-digit and 3-digit codes)
  • Postal codes are available for addresses, buildings, major clients of Japan Post and post-office boxes
  • Postal codes can be used as keywords in searches

Geocoding service

We can add latitude and longitude to addresses provided by a customer. Spelling variations (e.g. ヶ and ケ, or の and ノ) in character strings in addresses can be handled appropriately. Output data will show the level of detail of each address, such as street or unit number. This solution is perfect if you wish to display your address list on a map in customer management or area-specific marketing activities.