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The Japanese map database is perfect for all types of GIS solutions

Map display

Wide-area map (1:25,000)

A basic, small- to medium-scale map covering the whole country

  • Eight scales to choose from for the best map display
    * Top (1:3,200,000–1:25,600,000), middle (1:200,000–1:1,600,000), base (1:12,500–1:100,000)
  • Vector data created with polylines and polygons of various types

Detailed map (City Map) (1:2,500)

A large-scale map showing individual buildings

  • Polygons and polylines sorted by type (150 types or more)
  • Features and annotations designed for visibility (350 types or more)
  • All buildings are polygonised and data is given to each of them
  • Map annotation icons and contour lines (5 m intervals) are available as a set

3D landmark icons

3D icon data of famous buildings and sightseeing spots in urban areas

  • 3D landmark icons created from famous buildings
  • Combined use of 3D landmark icons with our location data allows the icons to be displayed on a map
  • Arrangement of 3D landmarks on a flat map makes reaching the destination easier