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The Japanese map database is perfect for all types of GIS solutions

Point of interest

Stations and station entrances

Our point of interest data contains locations of stations across Japan and their entrances.

  • Location data of stations and station entrances across Japan is available
  • Each piece of station data is linked by type, such as shinkansen bullet train, railroad company by abbreviation and railway
  • Each piece of station data is also linked to the station entrance name, its reading, as well as latitude and longitude
  • Data is also available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean

Highway facilities

This point of interest data offers information on highway exits and toll gates.

  • This road facility data shows highway exit, junction and toll gate locations
  • Road facility location data is linked to its entrance, exit and direction (toward or away from Tokyo)
  • This data also comes with guide point data for car navigation systems


This point of interest data features intersections across Japan with their names, latitudes and longitudes attached.

  • Each intersection is linked to its name, reading, latitude, longitude, postal code and address (block)
  • This data can be used to find intersections with streetlights

General facilities

General facilities data primarily shows public facilities such as schools, hospitals and tourist attractions.

  • The data covers public facilities across Japan, such as schools, government offices, police stations and libraries
  • The data also covers hospitals, parks, museums, temples, shrines, castles and tourist attractions
  • The data also comes with the name, reading, address, latitude, longitude and parking lot entrance/exit data for each facility
  • Data is also available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean
General facilities(Tax office)

List of facility changes

We have collected information on facility openings three years in advance.

  • Not only new and accurate information used to maintain the maps, but information up to three years in advance has also been collected
  • The list provides information on facility openings, reconstructions, repairs, relocations, mergers, temporary closures, permanent closures, demolition and area development
  • For each facility, latitude and longitude by geodetic system is included
  • This data can be used in area-specific marketing or urban planning activities