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The Japanese map database is perfect for all types of GIS solutions


Road network

We offer 1,200,000 km of high quality, high accuracy and up-to-date road data from across Japan

  • A rich lineup of in-link data (e.g. streetlights, lanes, number of lanes, direction information and road types)
  • All types of data on traffic restrictions are featured (e.g. no entries, one way roads, roads with time-specific restrictions and no turning)
  • New roads and roads under repair across Japan are regularly updated
  • Offers optional information on tolls (e.g. ETC), traffic restrictions by vehicle type, 30 km/h zones, stop signs and maximum speeds

Road elevation

We provide elevation data down to individual road segments, including streets, for roads across Japan

  • Elevation is calculated with log data from a vehicle and a precision measurement device
  • Elevation data is available for highways, national routes and streets
  • Elevation data not covered by the Digital Elevation Model (DEM), such as inside tunnels, bridges and grade separations, is included
  • Elevation data can be simulated in various ways using road slopes

List of new road information

We have collected and listed information on road changes up to three years in advance.

  • Not only new and accurate information used to maintain the maps, but information up to three years in advance has also been collected
  • The list covers information on the opening of new roads, widening of roads, road alignments, toll elimination and opening of new road facilities
  • The list also includes position information, such as start and end points of a road for each geodetic system

Road travel photos

We have an archive of road photos taken during road surveys covering 1,200,000 km of roads across Japan.

  • Photos were continuously taken of the front and rear views of a car using a vehicle-mounted camera and positional information was attached to each photo
  • The photos cover all roads across Japan down to the street level and an archive of past image data is also available
  • A set of the photo archive and the API for photo retrieval is also available